April 29rd Deaths

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April 29th, 2008 (April 29 2008)DeathAlbert Hofmann, Swiss chemist, known as the first to synthesize LSD (born in 1906)
April 29th, 2007 (April 29 2007)DeathMilt Bocek, American baseball player (born in 1912)
April 29th, 2007 (April 29 2007)DeathJosh Hancock, American baseball player (born in 1978)
April 29th, 2007 (April 29 2007)DeathIvica Racan, former Prime Minister of Croatia (born in 1944)
April 29th, 2007 (April 29 2007)DeathArve Opsahl, Norwegian actor, known as the leader of Olsenbanden
April 29th, 2007 (April 29 2007)DeathDick Motz, New Zealand cricket player (born in 1940)
April 29th, 2006 (April 29 2006)DeathJohn Kenneth Galbraith, Canadian economist (born in 1908)John Kenneth Galbraith Quotes
April 29th, 2005 (April 29 2005)DeathWilliam J. Bell, American television writer and producer (born in 1927)
April 29th, 2005 (April 29 2005)DeathMariana Levy, Mexican actress, singer, and television show host (born in 1966)
April 29th, 2004 (April 29 2004)DeathSid Smith, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1925)
April 29th, 2002 (April 29 2002)DeathBob Akin, American industrialist and race car driver (born in 1936)
April 29th, 2002 (April 29 2002)DeathLor Tok, Thai comedian and actor (born in 1914)
April 29th, 1998 (April 29 1998)DeathHal Laycoe, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (born in 1922)
April 29th, 1997 (April 29 1997)DeathMike Royko, American columnist (born in 1932)
April 29th, 1993 (April 29 1993)DeathMick Ronson, English musician (born in 1946)
April 29th, 1993 (April 29 1993)DeathMichael Gordon, American film director (born in 1909)
April 29th, 1988 (April 29 1988)DeathJames McCracken, American tenor (born in 1926)
April 29th, 1980 (April 29 1980)DeathAlfred Hitchcock, English film director (born in 1899)Alfred Hitchcock Quotes
April 29th, 1979 (April 29 1979)DeathHardie Gramatky, American author and animator (born in 1907)
April 29th, 1967 (April 29 1967)DeathAnthony Mann, American actor and director (born in 1906)
April 29th, 1967 (April 29 1967)DeathJ.B. Lenoir, American Blues Musician (born in 1929)
April 29th, 1966 (April 29 1966)DeathWilliam Eccles, English physicist and radio pioneer (born in 1875)
April 29th, 1961 (April 29 1961)DeathCisco Houston, American folk singer (born in 1918)
April 29th, 1956 (April 29 1956)DeathWilhelm Ritter von Leeb, German field marshal (born in 1876)
April 29th, 1951 (April 29 1951)DeathLudwig Wittgenstein, Austrian-born philosopher (born in 1889)Ludwig Wittgenstein Quotes
April 29th, 1945 (April 29 1945)DeathMatthias Kleinheisterkamp, German SS officer (born in 1893)
April 29th, 1944 (April 29 1944)DeathBernardino Machado, President of Portugal (born in 1851)
April 29th, 1937 (April 29 1937)DeathWilliam Gillette, American actor (born in 1853)Eric Gill Quotes
April 29th, 1935 (April 29 1935)DeathLeroy Carr, American blues singer, songwriter and pianist (born in 1905)
April 29th, 1933 (April 29 1933)DeathConstantine P. Cavafy, Greek poet (born in 1863)Constantine P. Cavafy Quotes
April 29th, 1920 (April 29 1920)DeathWilliam Henry Seward, Jr., Union Brigadier General in the American Civil War (born in 1839)
April 29th, 1916 (April 29 1916)DeathJorgen Pedersen Gram, Danish mathematician (born in 1850)
April 29th, 1903 (April 29 1903)DeathPaul du Chaillu, French explorer (born in 1835)
April 29th, 1854 (April 29 1854)DeathHenry Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey, English general (born in 1768)
April 29th, 1798 (April 29 1798)DeathNikolaus Poda von Neuhaus, German entomologist (born in 1723)
April 29th, 1793 (April 29 1793)DeathYechezkel Landau, Polish rabbi (born in 1713)
April 29th, 1793 (April 29 1793)DeathJohn Michell, English scientist (born in 1724)
April 29th, 1782 (April 29 1782)DeathRichard Kempenfelt, Royal Navy Admiral (born in 1718)
April 29th, 1776 (April 29 1776)DeathEdward Wortley Montagu, English traveler and writer (born in 1713)
April 29th, 1768 (April 29 1768)DeathGeorg Brandt, Swedish chemist and minerologist (born in 1694)
April 29th, 1743 (April 29 1743)DeathCharles-Irenee Castel de Saint-Pierre, French writer (born in 1658)
April 29th, 1707 (April 29 1707)DeathGeorge Farquhar, Irish dramatist (born in 1678)
April 29th, 1698 (April 29 1698)DeathCharles Cornwallis, 3rd Baron Cornwallis, First Lord of the British Admiralty (born in 1655)
April 29th, 1688 (April 29 1688)DeathFrederick William, Elector of Brandenburg (born in 1620)
April 29th, 1676 (April 29 1676)DeathMichiel de Ruyter, Dutch admiral (born in 1607)
April 29th, 1658 (April 29 1658)DeathJohn Cleveland, English poet (born in 1613)
April 29th, 1630 (April 29 1630)DeathAgrippa d Aubigne, French poet (born in 1552)
April 29th, 1594 (April 29 1594)DeathThomas Cooper, English bishop, lexicographer, and writer
April 29th, 1380 (April 29 1380)DeathCatherine of Siena, Italian saint (born in 1347)
April 29th, 0926 (April 29 0926)DeathBurchard II, Duke of Swabia

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